Yumé Boshi

Organic Ume Plum Vinegar


Fruity, tart, and intensely umami, umesu (or ume plum vinegar) is the salty-sour byproduct of the traditional Japanese ume pickle-making process. An unbelievably versatile condiment, a dash or two transforms everything from simple salad dressings and roasted vegetables to fried eggs. Use a bit in a soup or braise for 'kakushi aji' – a hidden taste.

In tune with the seasons, this vinegar can only be made once a year, coinciding with the harvest and fermentation of the ume plums. Made in small batches using local California fruit and heirloom red shiso leaves for color.

Store in a cool area out of direct sunlight.

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Based in Oakland, California, Yumé Boshi is a Good Food Award-winning small batch, artisanal food producer focused on making traditional Japanese preserved goods with locally grown organic produce. Inspired by Japanese grandmas, founder Ayako Iino uses preserve-making as a medium to share the beauty of high-quality heirloom ingredients and the art of fermentation.

Ingredients: Organic ume plums, sea salt, red shiso leaves.

Grown and slow fermented in California.

Contains 13 fl. oz.